Red is The Man. Red knows he is The Man and he's damn proud of it. He stars in the M&Ms television commercials and
occasionally shares the limelight with his best friend, Yellow. Red has voted himself the sexiest M&M that ever was.



Age: He says thirty-something, but we're checking.
Weight: Perfect for his shell size.
Turn-ons: When people blindly follow his wise advice.
Turn-offs: When people fail to recognize his obvious leadership abilities.
Best Friend: Yellow (they got their shells together).
Best Attribute: Genius I.Q. and physical speciminity (best of both worlds).
Shortcomings: Thinks he knows more than he does.
Appearance: Red, round and ALL chocolate.
Hidden Talent: Can turn simple chores into complicated tasks.
Quote: "Gimme a break."

Bio "stolen" from the official site. Click the link below to visit it!


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